Problems that Delivery Drones will Solve

A world of smart delivery drones are already on their way. We’ve all seen the cute little robot toys that kids, photographers and semi professional enthusiasts enjoy flying around. Now major companies like Google and Amazon have been working hard in making these devices more useful in a business sense. Sooner than you think will come the day that you can have your deliveries flown directly to your door.

Delivery drones will be a game changer in getting your order quicker, faster and fresher. From pizzas, medical supplies, online orders will likely radically increase from a few days to just a few hours or less. And in some instances quicker than getting to the store and back home again on busy cities where traffic congestion and delays may take longer.

Not Home for Deliveries?

Why do logistics companies insist we are all home from 9am to 5pm anyway?). They leave a little note and we missed them by ten minutes. Gone will be the days that you have to be there at the right time or waste your time in long lines trying to get your order from the post office. In the near future you’ll be able to set the time that your delivery arrives at your doorstep.

Peak-Hour Traffic

During peak hour logistics companies find it incredibly difficult to deliver on time. Especially when there is a traffic jam or accident and they are stuck on traffic. With drones this is completely eliminated. No traffic, no delays. In fact as previously mentioned it will be more than likely you’ll receive your delivery in a matter of hours rather than a matter of days.

Reduced Delivery Costs

Because drones will replace the conventional delivery method, especially where labor costs are considerably high delivery and logistics companies will experience massive savings. These savings will likely be passed onto the consumer and businesses sending and receiving packages. Now you are probably wondering what will happen to delivery drivers. There will always be conventional delivery needs such as heavy load items that drones may not be able to handle. Further more drivers may be redeployed and trained to become drone delivery dispatch employees who prepare the drone from the logistics warehouse.

Refunds and Returns

About 31% of all online clothing orders are returned. The cost of returns or refunds are usually covered by the retailer in order to cover the return delivery costs. In the future a customer may have a certain number of days or even hours to try on the clothing before making a final decision. The customer simply packs the items they want to return in the box and the delivery drone comes to pick up.   

On-Demand Retail

We already can see the change in retail occurring in the fashion industry for on-demand shopping where customers can select a box of clothing. Subscription services like Stitch Fix, Bombfell and Trunkclub. In the near future these businesses will see an increase of demand due to drones being able to deliver their orders faster and more efficiently. In fact as this trend grows these companies may experience growth in several deliveries per customer per month rather than a single delivery per month.

Drone delivery companies will allow customers to have more access to the items they desire. This trend will rapidly increase the eCommerce space and online businesses will expand. However, I believe there will always be bricks and mortar stores as many customers love going out in the town on a bright sunny day, burn some calories walking around, catch up with friends for brunch and explore the shops.